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BATA Dimpled Pitching Machine Baseballs

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BATA Dimpled Pitching Machine Baseballs

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Quick Overview

    • Dimpled Pitching Machine Baseball

    • 12 Count (1 dozen)
    • White (4.5 Ounce Balls)
    • Optimized for BATA Baseball Pitching Machines and BATA Baseball-Softball Combo Pitching Machines
BATA dimpled pitching machine balls are specifically designed for superior performance with BATA pitching machines. They are lighter (4.2 ounces for optic yellow balls and 4.5 ounces for white balls) than a regular baseball (5.0 ounces), so they are pitched a little faster and curve the same amount as a real pitch. They are also slightly softer than a leather baseball, so they have less impact on the bat. They pitch more consistently than leather baseballs because they have a 100% consistent surface with no seams. The seams (and space in between the seams) on leather baseballs can affect how the pitching wheel grips the ball and can make the pitch inaccurate. The abrasive surface of the seams also wear out the wheels faster.