Home Plate Mats & Hitting Mats

Home plate mats play a vital role in protecting fields, artificial turf, and gym floors. Most hitting mats are made with artificial turf. They design the home plate mats for indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits of a Home Plate Mat

Great for Practice on a Gym Floor

The gym is a great place to train during the winter months, however, the floor can be too slippery for batting practice. Hitting Mats are the perfect solution as they will stay in place. Most home plate mats have a non-slip, non-marking rubber backing. This prevents the mat from sliding during use and stops it from leaving marks on the gym floor.

Protects Permanent Artificial Turf

If you run an academy or have a gym with permanent turf, you want to protect the areas that will receive the most wear and tear. The batter’s box is the most used spot on the field. A hitting mat will protect these spots, so you will not need to replace the turf. Replacing the turf is not only a pain but it can be very costly!

Protects the Batter’s Box on the Field

Running a full practice without a home plat mat will cause some wear and tear to the batter’s box. The field maintenance crew will have to work overtime to keep the home plate are looking nice. However, a hitter’s mat will protect the batter’s box and keep it ready for the next game.

Great for Batting Cages

For the most part, batting cages are on grass and dirt surfaces. When hitting from the same spot repeatedly, the hitter is going to make that spot susceptible to mud. Home plate mats will prevent this and will allow for better training.

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