Heater Pitching Machine

Heater Sports is known for their affordable pitching machines and batting cages. For the past couple decades, Heater has provided high-quality baseball and softball products at a low cost. If you need a machine but do not want to break the bank, a Heater Pitching Machine might be right for you.

What Makes the Heater Pitching Machine Lineup Popular?


The first thing you will notice when looking at Heater Pitching Machines is that they are far less expensive than most other real ball pitching machines. Heater’s lineup of real ball pitching machines starts with the Power Alley Pro which costs $159. The next step up is the Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine, which is arguably Heater’s most popular machine. It costs only $199.

Heater’s single wheel options are not the only machines they offer that are expensive. The Pro Curve Pitching Machine is the lowest price pitching machine on the market that throws breaking pitches. Point is, Heater offers some great pitching machines at great prices. While some of the machines do not have the same maximum speeds as some of the more expensive machines, they still make a great training tool.


One of the best things about the Heater Pitching Machine is that the ball feeder is affordable. Ball feeders will cost you at least a few hundred dollars with other manufacturers.

Heater Pitching Machine are also lightweight. Most of the machines weigh under 50 pounds and can easily come apart for easier storing and moving.

If you are purchasing a Heater Machine with a Heater Batting Cage then you can take advantage of the built-in machine harness. Each batting cage comes with a harness that connects to a Heater Pitching Machine. The pitching machine will sit on the outside of the cage and shoots the baseballs/softballs through a cutout in the cage.  This allows whoever is feeding the machine to  protect themselves from hit balls.


All Heater Pitching Machines come with an enclosed wheel. The enclosed wheel is a great safety feature as it prevents kids and parents from getting their fingers stuck in the wheel. Additionally, the enclosure protects the machine’s wheel from comeback line drives.

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