Sports Attack Pitching Machine

What makes the Sports Attack Pitching Machine so popular amongst coaches? Sports Attack makes their products with the highest standard and the performance. They take great pride in the fact they engineer, manufacture, and assemble all their own products. Every part in a Sports Attack Pitching Machine is manufactured here in the United States.

Sports Attack Pitching Machine Breakdown

Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine

Throws baseballs up to 70 MPH and softballs up to 60 MPH. The three wheels allows for fastballs, curveballs, sliders, split finger, and knuckleball pitches. Great machine to use for fielding practice.

Hack Attack Pitching Machine

Has most of the same features as the Junior Hack Pitching Machine except the Hack Attack can throw baseballs 100+ MPH and softballs 80+ MPH. The Hack Attack Pitching Machine can do fly balls 380 feet deep into the outfield, while the Junior Hack can do 250 feet fly balls.

I-Hack Attack Pitching Machine

The I-Hack Attack is newest addition to the Sports Attack Pitching Machine line of baseball products. It uses an advanced software system that allows the user to control and select the pitch type, speed, and spin.

Snap Attack Football Machine

The Snap Attack Football Machine throws footballs 5-100 yards down the field. It throws up to 70 MPH. The machine head is on a swivel, allowing you to throw passes all over the field.

Skill Attack Volleyball Machine

The Skill Attack Volleyball Machine is for youth teams, competitive clubs, and young players practicing at home. The machine has a 5’3” release point and serves the ball up to 40 MPH.

Attack II Volleyball Machine

The Attack II Volleyball Machine is perfect for women’s middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional teams. It has a release point of 5’6” to 8’6” and a serving speed of 70 MPH

Attack Volleyball Machine

The Attack Volleyball Machine is for both men and women’s volleyball teams. The release point has a range of 6’ and 9’3” with a serving speed of 80 MPH.

Total Attack Volleyball Machine

The Total Attack Volleyball Machine is an upgraded version of the Attack Pitching Machine. The Total Attack has a release point of 6’3” and 9’6” and a serving speed of 90 MPH.

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Quick History on the Sports Attack Pitching Machine

The company was founded back in 1995 in Reno, Nevada, where they are still headquartered today. For the past 25 years, Sports Attack’s engineers have fine tuned their machines to develop the ultimate 3-wheel machine, with the Junior Hack Attack and the Hack Attack Pitching Machine. Their hard work and dedication to creating a high-quality machine is why they are one of the most trusted and popular pitching machines on the market.

While Sports Attack’s lineup of machines focuses on baseball and softball, they cover a large variety of sports. They include football, volleyballs, soccer, rugby, and cricket. Their Snap Attack Football Machine is widely used by colleges, high schools, and even professionals.

Sports Attack manufacturers their pitching machines with perfection in mind. They do not look to cut costs. Therefore, they only use top of the line parts for all of their products.

They introduced the third wheel to baseball and softball pitching machines which allows for an unobstructed view of the ball as it comes through the pitching machine.

The other advantages of the three-wheel machines are that they allow you to throw any pitch with very little adjustment to the machine head. Due to this major improvement, Sports Attack only offers three-wheel pitching machine options. They do not believe in anything less than the best.

Benefits of a Sports Attack Pitching Machine

Sports Attack knows that the sum of their pitching machines’ parts equals their whole. Meaning the higher the quality of their parts, the higher the quality of their machine. This is seen with the wheels they use.

Each wheel is 14+ inch, concave wheel. These wheels provide pinpoint accuracy and speed with every pitch. Their wheels limit wear and do not to melt from the heat.

Wear and tear on pitching machine wheels may be a problem for some manufacturers, but not for Sports Attack. They have never had to replace a pitching machine wheel due to wear or heat exposure. The wheels wearing down would jeopardize the accuracy of the pitching machine. Thankfully, with Sports Attack, you do not have to worry about this issue.

Each machine comes equipped with three powerful motors. Each motor handles one wheel. Since the wheels and the motors are two of the most essential parts of the pitching machine, Sports Attack designed front guards/covers to protect them.

The guards will protect against balls driven back towards the machine as well as mistakes made when transporting and storing the machine. Each machine comes equipped with three dials, each controlling the speed of one wheel. The dials are easy to adjust and set at the speed you want for each wheel.

There is also a pitch selection chart on each machine. The chart will show you where to set each dial to throw certain types of pitches. Sports Attack makes it simple to adjust the pitch anywhere throughout the strike zone. There are two things to help you with this.

The first is the pitch elevation control. This feature allows you to move the pitches up and down in the strike zone. The second is the inside/outside adjustment. This allows you to throw one pitch inside on a hitter and the next pitch outside.