Volleyball Serving Machines

While there are not a lot of volleyball serving machine options on the market, like with baseball/softball pitching machines, there are still some great options! The primary manufacturer of volleyball machines is Sports Attack. Sports Attack has long been a manufacturer of baseball & softball pitching machines, but has recently expanded their high-quality product lineup into volleyball and other sports. Sports Attack offers four different volleyball hitting machines, one for each skill level.

Top Volleyball Serving Machine Options

Skill Attack Volleyball Machine

The Skill Attack Volleyball Machine is the entry-level option. However, it has a lot of the same great features as the more expensive volleyball serving machines. Sports Attack, the manufacturer, recommends the Skill Attack for serious young players. It has a ball release point of 5 feet high. In no time, the Skill Attack will help players improve their setting, serving, and spiking.

During the serve, you can adjust the spin on the ball to simulate sharp downspins or breaking floaters. This will allow you to perform many different drills. The Skill Attack Volleyball Machine serves balls up to 40 MPH. If you want a high-quality volleyball machine at a fraction of the price, the Skill Attack is for you!

Sports Attack II Volleyball Machine

Sports Attack, initially, rolled out their original Volleyball Machine. The original Sports Attack Volleyball Machine was geared towards the men’s game with its different height and speed options. Sports Attack realized the need to have a specific volleyball serving machine for the women’s game. In comes the Sports Attack II Volleyball Machine.

What makes the Attack II Volleyball Machine different? There are only three main differences. First, the release point range is lower. The release point is adjustable from 5’6” to 8’6”.

Second, the serving speed is 10 MPH less. The Attack II Serving Machine offers serves up to 70 MPH, while the original Attack goes up to 80 MPH. Lastly, the price is different. The Attack II is a few hundred dollars cheaper, presenting a great value for the minimal difference in features.

Sports Attack Volleyball Machine

With the Attack II geared towards the women’s game, the original Attack Volleyball Machine is for the men’s game. As discussed above, there are not a lot of differences between the two options, however, the higher release point and faster serve comes in handy.

The release point on the Attack Volleyball Serving Machine ranges from 6’ to 9’3”. This added height to the release point will simulate a realistic serving point.

Sports Attack Total Attack Volleyball Machine.

The Total Attack Volleyball Machine is the best that Sports Attack has to offer. With top speeds of over 90 MPH, there are no other serving machines on the market with that type of speed.

The key difference between the Total Attack and other volleyball machines is the third wheel. Yes, the Total Attack ups their game with a 3rd wheel. The third wheel allows users to put extra spin on their serves to mimic all different types of serves. The Total Attack will have your team ready to face even the best of servers.

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