Softball Pitching Machines

We offer a large variety of softball pitching machines. You will notice that there are a lot of softball pitching machine options. This makes it hard to choose the right one. However, we breakdown the different options for the little league players, all the way up through college.

Top Softball Pitching Machines for Little Leaguers

Heater Softball Pitching Machine

The Heater Softball Pitching Machine is the lowest price softball pitching machine on the market. Heater, the manufacturer of the machine, specializes in manufacturing backyard pitching machine and batting cage products. The Heater Softball is a high-quality backyard pitching machine. It is perfect for safety with the wheel fully enclosed. The Heater Softball also comes with an automatic ball feeder that allows for solo batting practice.

First Pitch Baseline

The Baseline Pitching Machine is not technically a softball pitching machine, as it throws baseballs too. However, it is a great softball pitching machine for little league girls. The machine throws high speed pitches that will allow younger players to grow with the machine. One of the best parts of the machine is the ¼ motor. The First Pitch Baseline is a commercial grade machine at the price of other residential machines.

JUGS PS50 Pitching Machine

The JUGS PS50 Pitching Machine is like the Baseline with it also throwing baseballs. Just like the Baseline it offers a quality machine that has all steel construction. JUGS is widely known for their pitching machines and JUGS PS50 lives up to the hype. They also manufacture the JUGS BP1 which is another great option for little leagues, however, it is more expensive.

Best Softball Pitching Machines for High School & College

JUGS Changeup Pitching Machine

The JUGS Changeup Softball Pitching Machine is relatively new. When it first came out, softball coaches around the country were highly impressed with the JUGS Changeup. With the JUGS Changeup, you will receive a wireless remote. The wireless remote allows you to switch from fastballs to changeup with the click of the button. This change will keep hitters on their toes.

Junior Hack Attack

The Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine is one of the most widely used softball pitching machines by colleges. It is the lowest priced three-wheel softball machine. The Junior Hack Attack has all the same features as Sports Attack’s more expensive model, the Hack Attack, except that it throws up to 70 MPH. If you want a softball machine that is consistent and durable, the Junior Hack Attack is for you!


The ATEC M3X Pitching Machine is a top-seller. Why? Its most important feature is that it is the perfect hitting and field machine. ATEC manufactures the R2 and M3 Pitching Machines. The R2 Pitching Machine is widely known for its defensive training, while the M3 is primarily a hitting trainer. ATEC combined the top features of the two and delivered the M3X Pitching Machine.

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