Combo Pitching Machines

A combo pitching machine is like receiving two machines for the price of one. If you have kids playing both baseball and softball, you need a combo pitching machine to save yourself a lot of money.

There are a few less combo pitching machine options then you will see that are strictly for either baseball or softballs, however, there are still plenty of great options. Below is a breakdown of the top options.

Top Single-Wheel Combo Pitching Machines

Heater Combo Pitching Machine

The Heater Combo Pitching Machine is the most affordable combo pitching machine on the market at $649. Just because it is the lowest priced combo machine does not mean it is not a customer favorite! The Heater Combo Machine offers many great features including max speeds up to 60 MPH. It is also comes complete with an automatic ball feeder that makes practice even easier.

Bulldog Baseball/Softball Combo Pitching Machine

The Bulldog Pitching Machine is another combo machine at a reasonable price. With top speeds up to 60 MPH, the Bulldog will challenge young hitters. Not only will the Bulldog Pitching Machine bring the heat, but it also is perfect for safety. The wheel of the pitching machine is fully enclosed, ensuring the safety of kids.

JUGS BP1 Pitching Machine

A few years ago, JUGS rebranded their popular JUGS Jr. product line to become the BP1. However, the BP1 Pitching Machine did not only get a new name, but it also received some enhanced features. The most notable enhanced feature is the max speeds. Before, the JUGS Junior Pitching Machine threw up to 62 MPH. Now, the JUGS BP1 Pitching Machine throws up to 70 MPH. The increased max speed will allow young hitters to grow with the machine as they progress.

Top Two-Wheel Combo Pitching Machines

Bulldog Elite Pitching Machine

Sometimes the Bulldog Elite Pitching Machine is overlooked, however, it is a great machine at a great price. The Bulldog Elite throws fastballs up to a blistering 102 MPH! That is one of the highest pitch speeds you will see of any pitching machine. The 2-wheel design allows for a variety of pitch types including fastballs, curveballs, sliders, and more.

First Pitch Curveball Pitching Machine

If you want to talk about pitching machines that bring the heat, look no further than the First Pitch Curveball Pitching Machine. With speeds up to 105 MPH, the First Pitch Curveball challenges hitters of all ages and skill levels. In fact, there are no professional players that throw at speeds higher than 105 MPH. One of the best features of the First Pitch 2-Wheel Pitching Machine is the multiple 1/3 HP motors. Most of the competitors only install one motor with their machine. First Pitch raised the bar with two strong motors, one for each wheel.

Does the Combo Machine offer One, Two, or Three Chutes?

Chutes are very important as they help guide the ball into the machine. You want a chute that is similar to the size ball you are using. There are three different ball options. Baseball (9”), 11” Softballs, and 12” Softballs. Most combo pitching machines offer two chutes, one for baseball and one for softball. However, some only come with one universal chute for both baseball and softball. Many of the brands we carry offer multiple chutes as they know it makes their machines more accurate.

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