Batting Cages

Batting cages are a coach’s best friend as they allow for a more efficient practice. If you are hitting up at the fields, you will spend most of your time running around the field to pickup balls. Batting cages will allow you to cutdown on the lag time and focus on working on your hitting skills.

Benefits of a Batting Cage

Batting Cages allow for a more Efficient Practice

Have you ever gotten tired of chasing balls all over the field after they are hit? Batting cages keep all the baseballs and softballs into a condensed area. This allows you to spend more time practicing your hitting skills and less time chasing balls.

Batting Cages are Convenient

Many people setup their batting cages in their own backyard. If you have the space, a batting cage in the backyard is a great way to motivate young hitters to get extra practice. Stepping out into the backyard is more convenient and less time consuming than driving back and forth to the field. There are affordable backyard batting cage options, such as the Heater Xtender Batting Cage and the Power Alley Batting Cage, that work perfectly for backyards.

Targeted Practice

Coaches will often setup targets throughout the batting cage. These targets allow hitters to practice targeting their hits to different areas of the field. Coaches will typically include targets that are the equivalent of hitting the ball down the first or third base line. Additionally, the targets act as a backdrop to protect the batting cage net.

Practice in Winter Months

Many schools, colleges, and universities take advantage of practicing during the winter months with their indoor batting cages. Certain batting cages setup inside the gymnasium so hitters can get their swings in during the offseason. Practicing year round will make hitters better and more prepared for the upcoming season.

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