Pitch Pro Pitching Mounds

Pitch Pro has become one of the top-selling portable pitching mound companies for good reason. Their mounds offer a combination of durability, dependability, and portability that make leagues and schools into repeat customers. If you are considering a portable mound, Pitch Pro has to be near the top of your list for best options.

Pitch Pro Pitching Mound Benefits

Every Pitching Mound has a Strong Core

Pitch Pro builds the core of their pitching mounds with fiberglass. Fiberglass has proven to be the highest-quality material to keep the mounds light enough to move and strong enough to last. Fiberglass withstands the constant pressure put on it by kids and adults performing their pitches on the mound.

Furthermore, the fiberglass holds up well against inclement weather. Wood mounds rot over time when sitting in water. This is not the case with fiberglass mounds.

Strong Pitching Rubber and Launch Pad

Pitch Pro knows that the two most beat up parts of their mounds are the rubber and the area right in front of the rubber. This is where pitchers start their stride, so inevitably, it is going to see the most wear and tear. Which is why Pitch Pro equips all their pitching mounds with a strong pitching rubber.

The area in front of the mound has a little black strip that Pitch Pro calls the launch pad. Each launch pad is easily removable, allowing it to be replaced when the time comes. Replacing the launch pad is a whole lot easier than replacing an entire section of turf. The launch pad comes with the every game pitching mound starting with the Pitch Pro 465.

Pitching Mound Option for Each Age Group

There are three different types of game pitching mounds. Little leagues use a 6” high mound, transitional leagues on 50/70 fields use an 8” mound, and older players use a 10” mound. Pitch Pro has options for all age groups.

Their 465, 486, and 796 Pitching Mound are perfect for little leagues. The 898 Pitching Mound is for use on 50/70 fields and provides for an easier transition between little league and middle school baseball. Lastly, the 8121 is Pitch Pro’s 10” pitching mound and it is a favorite for high school coaches.

10” Year Warranty on all Pitching Mounds

Pitch Pro offers the best warranty in the business at 10 years on the core of their mounds. No manufacturer offers a warranty on the turf, so the core of the mound is the only component that is under warranty. Most other manufacturers offer warranties of one or 5 years, some do not offer a warranty at all. This makes their 10 year warranty that much more impressive.

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