Stalker Radar

Stalker Radar Guns are a staple for big league ball clubs. Baseball and softball scouts around the country use Stalker Radar products because they can rely on their accuracy and range. If you want the most accurate speed reading, there is no better option than Stalker.

Reasons to Buy a Stalker Radar Gun


With a Stalker Radar, you can always count on getting an accurate reading. Your Stalker Radar will display pitch speeds in .1 MPH. Professional baseball players and scouts trust Stalker Radar for good reasons.

Quick Measurement

Not only are Stalker Radars accurate but they are also quick to measure the speed of a pitch. It takes the radar only 1/100 of a second to recognize the pitch speed and it will quickly display on the radar gun.

Greater Range

Stalker Radars have a much greater range to measure pitch speeds than its competitors. It comes with a high-power transmitter and high-speed Digital Signal Processing. Both factors allow for Stalker Radars to have the highest range of any radar guns on the market. In fact, the Stalker Pro II has a 200 foot longer range than the next best radar.

Shows Multiple Speeds

With Stalker Radars, you can measure multiple different speeds in the same pitch. You can measure the speed out of the pitcher’s hand, the speed when the ball crosses home plate, and the bat speed of the hitter. Competing radars will only pick up one of those speeds. Seeing what is called the “roll down” speed is important to measure how much velocity the ball lost from the pitcher’s hand to home plate.

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