Pitching Machines

Interested in a pitching machine? A lot of factors go into purchasing a new machine, however, the most important may be the number of wheels on the pitching machine. There are three different options when it comes to the number of wheels: one wheel, two wheel, and three wheel pitching machines. Below is a breakdown of the three different options to help you choose the machine that is right for you!

One Wheel Pitching Machines

Single wheel machines are great for little leagues and middle school players. The standard single wheel machine will throw fastballs at top speeds of 60-70 MPH. Certain single wheel machines, like the First Pitch XL, can throw up to 80 MPH.

While most single wheel machines primarily throw fastballs and changeups, there are a couple options that can throw breaking pitches. For example, the BATA B-1 Curveball, can simulate curveballs and sliders. Heater Pitching Machines offer a more affordable option with the Heater Pro Curve.

Two Wheel Pitching Machines

Two-wheel machines are recommended for kids that are about to enter middle school all the way up through college ball. There are a two main advantages of a two-wheel machine over a single wheel machine. The first is the speed. Most two-wheel machines can throw pitches upwards of 90-100 MPH.

The second advantage comes with the breaking pitches. You can set each wheel at different speeds, which allows you to simulate different breaking pitches. While you can simulate breaking pitches with certain single wheel machines, multi wheel machines allow you to create more break on the breaking pitches.

Three Wheel Pitching Machines

Adding the third wheel to the pitching machine allows for an even more complex pitch selection. With there being three different points of contact on the ball, the three-wheel machines will be able to put any spin imaginable on the pitch. The other benefit of the three-wheel machine is that you can change the pitch with minimal adjustment to the head of the machine.

Not all manufacturers carry three-wheel machines. Sports Attack is the only manufacturer that solely focuses on three-wheel machines with the Junior Hack and the Hack Attack models. Another top three-wheel machine is offered by ATEC Sports. The ATEC M3X Pitching Machine is the perfect option for both hitting and fielding training.

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