First Pitch Pitching Machine

First Pitch is one of the leading pitching machines brands on the market. Little Leagues, high schools, and parents across the country trust their First Pitch Pitching Machine. They started making machine back in 1999. Shortly after designing their first machine, they started to gain popularity in the Minnesota area. Now, they have been designing and selling machines for all different sports for over 20 years and have become one of the most renowned machines on the market.

First Pitch has a wide range of baseball and softball pitching machines for every age and skill level. Their product line starts with their most popular machine, the First Pitch Baseline. Whether you are looking to practice fastballs or need a machine that can throw a wicked curveball, a First Pitch Pitching Machine has you covered. Like most manufacturers, they offer both one-wheel machines and two-wheel machines.

First Pitch Pitching Machine Line Up:

First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine

Out of all the great First Pitch Pitching Machine options, the First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine is the most popular. The Baseline Pitching Machine is the most affordable machine that First Pitch offers. For the price, its ability to throw up to 70 mph makes it one of the best bangs for your buck. The First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine comes standard for use with both baseballs and softballs and easily switches between the two.

Unlike most machines under $1,000, the Baseline has a full range of motion with the 360-degree swivel design. This makes it super easy to practice fielding drills and easy move to different positions. All in all, if you are looking for a machine that will throw consistent strikes and that you can use out on the field, this machine makes for a great value buy.

First Pitch Original Pitching Machine

The First Pitch Original Pitching Machine is one step up from the Baseline and is one of the most popular machines for little leagues using machine pitch. This machine can throw up to 80 mph and has pinpoint accuracy. If you are looking for consistent strike after strike the original is a great option. The First Pitch Original is not designed for fielding exercises. If you need the machine for both hitting and fielding, the Baseline and the XL are better options. The Original is solely for use as a hitting training tool.

First Pitch XL Pitching Machine

The First Pitch XL Pitching Machine is the big brother to the Baseline machine. Unlike the original, it still has the full range of motion making defensive drill super easy. It features a 1/3 hp motor allowing it to throw up to 80 mph! Having that extra bit of power allows this machine to grow with players. You won’t have to worry about kids outgrowing this machine in a couple years. The First Pitch XL Combo also only weighs in at 65 pounds, this makes it easy to move on and off the field when doing machine pitch or practicing defensive drills.

First Pitch XL Changeup

First Pitch’s XL Changeup Pitching machine has the same specs as the regular XL Combo Machine. The only difference between these two machines is that the changeup has the motor on the other side. This would allow you to have both the XL Combo and the XL Changeup combo right next to each other without the motors getting in the way. The setup makes it for you to throw a fastball out of one machine, and a changeup out of the other.

First Pitch Ace

The Ace Pitching Machine is one of First Pitch’s newest models. Like the XL and XL Changeup, the ace throws up to 80 mph and has a 360 degree swivel design. The big advantage to this machine that you will not find on any other machine on the market is the shoots ability to rotate to the bottom of the machine. This feature allows you to throw balls that not only have backspin but also topspin. This is especially useful when practice defensive drills as it will give the most realistic practice.

First Pitch Curveball Pitching Machine

The First Pitch Curveball Pitching Machine is First Pitch’s only two-wheel machine option. They only offer one two-wheel machine because this machine can do it all. Like most of their other machine, this machine also has the 360-swivel design making fielding practice as easy as it gets. You can quickly shoot balls from one side of the field to the next with minimal effort. As for batting practice, this machine has the ability to throw any pitch imaginable. Each wheel can be adjusted separately allowing you to put any spin imaginable on the ball. Match that with the heads ability to rotate to every angle and you will be able to practice any pitch you will see in a real game.

First Pitch Quarterback Football Machine

The First Pitch Quarterback Football Machine is one of the best machines on the market. This machine can bomb balls all the way up to 80 yards. It works with both official size and youth size balls making it a great machine for all ages. They have incorporated their 360-swivel design that you see on all of their baseball/softball machines to make it super easy to throw perfect spiral passes anywhere on the field. Get the most out of your football practice with a First Pitch Football Machine.

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Benefits of the First Pitch Pitching Machine

Made in the USA

First Pitch proudly manufactures and assembles their pitching machines in Maple Plains, Minnesota.

Pneumatic Tire

All their machines come with the full-size heavy-duty pneumatic tire. If you are in need of a machine that throws breaking pitches, check out the First Pitch Curveball Pitching Machine that comes with two heavy-duty tires.

Easy to Adjust Pitch Speed Dial

First pitch makes pitch selection and speed as easy as possible with their straightforward speed selection dial. This makes it easy for anyone to operate when doing batting practice.

5-Year Warranty

First Pitch stands behind the quality of their pitching machines. They back all their machines with a 5-year warranty on any mechanical and electrical parts that experience premature failure.