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First Pitch Quarterback Football Throwing Machine

The First Pitch Quarterback Football Throwing Machine is the least expensive option on the board. While the brand name might not be as recognizable as some of the other options, the First Pitch Football Machine comes with many of top features.

Passes 80 yards down the field and motors for each wheel are just two examples of what makes the First Pitch Quarterback a great option for any middle school, high school, or collegiate program. For any program on a tight budget, this is the football passing machine for you!

JUGS Football Machine

The JUGS Football Machine is the most well-known of the group. You have probably seen the JUGS Football Machine in use on TV or on YouTube by professional players.

The reason this football passing machine is so popular is because it has been a reliable training tool for decades. Professional and collegiate athletes rave about how the JUGS Machine has helped them up their game.

Snap Attack Football Machine

Sports Attack’s Snap Attack Football Machine is one of excellent football throwing machines the manufacturer has to offer. Many professionals use the Snap Attack Football Machine and with good reason. One of the key features of the Snap Attack is the ability to rapid fire passes.

Fire a pass and within seconds fire off another one! This rapid-fire passing is made possible with independently run motors for each wheel. This football throwing machine will greatly improve the efficiency of your practice.

Aerial Attack Football Machine

The Aerial Attack Football Machine is the latest edition to Sports Attack’s lineup of football throwing machines. What are the benefits of the Aerial Attack? For one, the Aerial Attack is $1,000 cheaper than the Snap Attack and still a professional grade machine.

While the Snap Attack does have a few benefits, the Aerial Attack Football Machine is a great option at a more affordable price, comparatively. If you or your team on a tighter budget, the Aerial Attack is a great option!

JUGS Field General Football Machine

The JUGS Field General Football Machine is the baby brother to the main JUGS Machine. What are the big differences between the two? The Field General throws 20 less yards, but still throws an incredible 60 yards down the field!

Another difference is with kickoffs. The Field General lacks the ability to do kickoffs. Some coaches do not believe this is overly important and will elect to save the money with the Field General Football Throwing Machine. Both JUGS Machines are great options and will help your players receiving skills in no time.

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Showing all 5 results

Many of you have probably heard by now about the JUGS Machine for football. Why? Because so many college and professional athletes rely on their football machine for practicing during the offseason and during training camps. The JUGS Football Machine is not the only football machine available. Multiple other manufacturers make high-quality football machines that will help you up your game!

Benefits of a Football Machine

Train Without a Quarterback

The biggest benefit of a football throwing machine is that you do not need a quarterback present to practice. All you need is a parent, coach, or another player to help feed the machine. College and professional football players love their football machines because they can work on their route running and hands while not with the team.

Give the Quarterback a Break

During practice, quarterbacks will need to give their arm a rest. In comes the football machine. Football machines allow you and your team to get more reps in during practice.

Throw Perfect Spirals

One of the best parts about a football machine is that it is always consistent. A quarterback throwing errant passes does not help you improve your receiving skills. Instead of dealing with bad quarterback play, practice like the pros do with a football machine. The machine will throw perfect spirals up to 80 yards down the field, depending on which one you choose.

Practice Kicking & Punting Drills

Many football machines also double to perform kicking and punting drills. Practice catching simulated punts and kickoffs. The machine will help you become better at tracking the ball to make you a better kick returner.