Portable Backstops

Portable backstops are widely used by high school, colleges, and professional teams throughout the country. They help keep baseballs in the field of play, which prevents players and coaches from having to look for them. They have in their name “portable” for a reason. All manufacturers include transport wheels to make it easy to move the backstop on and off the field.

Why Buy a Portable Backstop?

Maximize Productivity at Practice

Portable backstops keep many baseballs and softballs in front of it. You will save you and your players the time it takes to go looking for balls hit out of play. This will keep the player’s focus on the actual practice rather than running after foul balls.

Keep Balls on the Field

During the middle of practice, it gets old having to chase down balls hit out of play. Many foul balls land outside the field of play. Luckily, portable backstops, like the Big Bubba Elite Batting Cage, will contain many foul balls. Time is not the only thing they help save. Portable backstops will help minimize the risk of damaging cars in the parking lot and other property near the practice.

Allows Coaches Up-Close Instruction

Coaches need an up-close view of hitters to help make improvements with their swing. Luckily, portable backstops sit close to home plate. This gives hitters plenty of room to perform their swing but also allows coaches to have a front row view.

Turns any Field into a Baseball Field

Are all the local ballfields taken for the night? These backstops allow you to quickly turn any field into a baseball field. The Bownet “Turtle” Portable Backstop assembles in only 3 minutes!

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