JUGS Pitching Machines

JUGS Sports is the longest tenured pitching machine company. In fact, they have been around for 50 years! JUGS Pitching Machines grew from a single machine to a whole lineup of great products that includes baseball & softball pitching machines, football machines, soccer machines, batting cage nets, and more. They have long been considered the go-to pitching machine company and everyone who has been around a baseball field recognizes their light blue machines.

What makes JUGS Pitching Machines Popular?

Innovative Features

To stay in business for fifty years you must adapt and innovate. Well, JUGS has done this with their lineup of machines. For example, the JUGS Changeup Pitching Machine is the first of its kind in that it only takes a click of a button to switch from fastballs to changeups. The machine comes with a remote that a parent or coach clicks to change the speed of next pitch discretely. This challenges the hitter to recognize that it is an off-speed pitch.

Digital Speed Readout

The MVP Pitching Machine, all the way up to the BP3 Pitching Machine, include a digital speed readout. Digital speed readouts tell you exactly what speed you have the machine set at. A lot of machines just have the dial, which makes you guess at the exact speed of the upcoming pitch. You will not have this problem with your JUGS Machine.

Long Warranty

All JUGS Pitching Machines come with a 5-year warranty.  The length of the warranty is important as the machine will face wear and tear over the years. With JUGS offering a long warranty on their products, you can rest easy.


JUGS knows that many of its customers will use their machines on the field. Because of this, they made sure to design their pitching machines to be lightweight and portable. The legs of JUGS Pitching Machine easily detach from the tripod base of the machine. This makes it easy to carry the multiple pieces individually.

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