ProMounds Pitching Mounds

ProMounds has a smaller selection of pitching mounds than other manufacturers because they focus on 6” Little League Pitching Mounds and practice mounds. Customers turn to ProMounds Pitching Mounds for a number of different reasons.

The main reason is because they are lightweight and portable. A second major reason is their spike-resistant artificial turf. They use this turf on all their pitching mounds. Although they advertise that it is spike-resistant, we still high advise against using metal spikes on any pitching mounds.

What are the Most Popular ProMounds’ Pitching Mounds?

5070 Pitching Mound

ProMounds bestselling pitching mound is their 5070. What makes the 5070 so popular? One of the top reasons is price. For most other 6” game mounds, you will pay nearly double the price of the 5070. At only $549, the 5070 Pitching Mound is a great deal.

Another major advantage of the 5070 over the rest of the competition is the weight. The portable mound only weighs 36 pounds!

Major League Game Mound

The Major League Pitching Mound is a favorite for little leagues. Unlike the 5070, it has the length to allow pitchers to start and finish their stride on the pitching mound. The 5070 is strictly a stride-off pitching mound, meaning pitchers will finish their stride on the dirt in front of the mound.

The Major League is similar to the 5070 in that it is very lightweight for the size. With the portable mound weighing only 70 pounds, it is still very easy for two adults to move.

ProMounds Professional 2-Piece Practice Mound

The Professional 2-Piece Practice Mound is perfect for high schools, universities, and sports academies. ProMounds uses their patented PRAT Technology to prevent gym floors from scratching. This helps make this mound into the perfect winter training tool. The mound has a two-piece design that allows coaches to offset the landing area up to 2 feet. This features can be used in many different drills.

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