ATEC Pitching Machine

The ATEC Pitching Machine lineup is a subset of Wilson Sports. ATEC has been in business for a couple of decades, producing innovative and durable machines. Their current lineup includes affordable single-wheel machines, a defensive training machine, an offensive specific two-wheel machine, and an all-in-one three-wheel machine.

Top Features of the ATEC Pitching Machine

Concave Wheel Treads

When the ball moves side to side when going through the machine it causes a less accurate pitch. Luckily, each ATEC Pitching Machine, including the new ATEC M3X Pitching Machine, comes with concave wheel treads. These concave wheel treads provide a better grip on the ball which maximizes pitch accuracy.

High-Definition Ball Chute

Most ATEC Machines, including the ATEC M2 Pitching Machine and M3X, come with a high-definition ball chute. The high-definition ball chute gives hitters an uninterrupted view of the ball. This allows hitters to get a Live-Arm sense of timing on all pitches. Many of the competitor’s pitching machines prevent hitters from seeing the pitch until it passes through the machine. The uninterrupted view is a major difference maker that will help hitters with timing.

Defensive Driven Machine

ATEC set out to create a machine that is specifically for defensive training. The ATEC R2 Pitching Machine is primarily for defensive drills. It has a 360-degree swivel that makes it easy to send baseballs/softball all over the field.

Free Machine Cover with Each Machine

With the purchase of any pitching machine, you will receive a free machine cover. The machine cover helps extend the life of the machine because it helps prevent dust and dirt accumulation. It will also protect the machine against the elements if left outside during a rainstorm. The cover is made from water-resistant nylon.

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