ATEC Axis Pitching Machine


  • Discontinued Model – Buy Parts Below
  • Full selection of breaking balls
  • Recovery Time: 8 secs
  • Accurate pitches up to 70 mph
  • Throws fly balls, grounders, and line drives
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ATEC Axis Pitching Machine

Throws the most wicked breaking balls! The Axis delivers devastating curve balls and splitters that just drop off the table. If you can train to react to the dramatic breaking balls that the Axis feeds on a consistent bases, you’ll be able to hit the mistakes left out over the plate in a game situation. The 360° rotation lets you hit every infield and outfield position from home plate in less than one minute. The Axis features an LCD Digital Readout to give accurate speeds on perfect pitches

Axis Pitching Machine Features

  • Incredible breaking balls and defensive drills
  • Compact, spin-balanced single wheel design
  • ATEC Center of Gravity design enables quick pitch selection
  • Pitches full selection of breaking balls. drops, risers, and curves with softballs
  • Variable speed control with LCD digital readout delivers accurate pitches up to 70 mph
  • Throws fly balls, grounders, and line drives for defensive drills
  • Easy movement through various drills
  • Optional kit converts Axis from baseball to softball in seconds

Axis Pitching Machine Specifications

  • Power Supply: 110V, AC, 1/4 hp
  • Recovery Time: 8 secs
  • Generator Use: 600W CD
  • Machine Weight: 94 lbs.
  • Speed Range: 30-70 mph
  • Fastballs: Yes
  • Breaking Balls: Yes
  • Fly Balls: Yes
  • Pop Ups: No
  • Line Drives & Grounders: Yes
  • Catcher’s Pop Ups: No

Axis Pitching Machine Review​

Additional information

Weight 94 lbs


Machine Size

One Wheel

Machine Type


Shipping Type

UPS Ground

Warranty Length

1 Year


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