BATA B1 Curveball Pitching Machine

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  • Easy-to-adjust multi-directional swivel base
  • Variable speed control (up to 70 MPH)
  • Delivers consistent strikes with pinpoint accuracy
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by BATA’s 10-year limited warranty
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BATA B1 Curveball Pitching Machine

The BATA B1 Curveball Pitching Machine is one of the most unique pitching machines we offer. While most single wheel pitching machines are only able to throw fastballs and changeups, the B-1 Curveball’s unique design allows the machine to throw curveballs, sliders, and other breaking pitches.

The head of the pitching machine is put on a multi-directional swivel base. This allows the user to simulate left-handed and right-handed breaking pitches.

The machine comes with a compression pad that gives the baseball the spin it needs to simulate a curveball. This feature alone makes the BATA B-1 one of the most popular pitching machines. It has the capability of two-wheel pitching machines at the price of a one wheel.

This machine is the perfect training tool for little league, middle school, and high school ballplayers trying to get acquainted with seeing different types of pitches. Watch the video below to see how to adjust the B-1 Curve from fastballs to breaking pitches.

Reasons to Buy the BATA B1 Curveball Pitching Machine

Goodyear Soft Tread Wheel / Accuracy

The Goodyear Soft Tread Wheels are the most accurate wheels in the industry. BATA designs the wheels specifically for the machine to ensure the greatest accuracy of each and every pitch.

With the wheels for baseball/softball use, they are also more durable than competitor’s wheels. The Soft Tread wheels can withstand the typical wear and tear because they are designed to pitch baseballs & softballs.

Ability to Throw Breaking Pitches

Being able to hit breaking pitches becomes a necessity as you move up from little league to middle school and beyond. The BATA B1 Curveball Pitching Machine throws fastballs, changeups, curveballs, sliders, and other breaking pitches due to its unique design.

This machine is the perfect training device for ballplayers wanting to better the craft at hitting breaking pitches and will save money from having to buy a two-wheel machine.

Aluminum Casing

The aluminum casing is a nice feature that comes standard with all BATA Pitching Machines. Aluminum casing protects the motor and wheels of the pitching machine from line drives hit back at the machine. Casing provides a safety feature that other machines lack. An enclosed wheel protects both the machine and the person feeding the machine.

Steel Framework & Chute

The BATA B1 Curveball Pitching Machine is no different from other BATA Pitching Machine in that it comes with a steel framework. The framework of the pitching machine is built with US made steel. The steel framework ensures the durability of the B-1 Curve as the machine is more capable of taking impacts from comeback line drives.

BATA applies each piece with a powder coating which protects against rust. They make the pitching machine chute from steel and apply a powder coat. With the chute influencing every pitch that goes into the machine, it is important to keep this piece looking brand new.

Variable Speed Control Dial

The machine comes with a speed control dial that is easy to use. You simply adjust the dial up or down to manage the speed of each pitch. The dial breaks down into 10 settings from 0 to 10.

With the machine throwing up to 70 MPH, each dial represents a 7 MPH difference in speed. For example, if you set the dial to 9, the machine would be throwing 63 MPH (9×7=63). You can place the dial between numbers to allow for more pitch speed variations.

Lightweight Design

With the pitching machine only having one wheel, it is lightweight and easy to move. The machine weighs only 60 pounds. The machine comes standard with a handle that can be used to move the machine. There is also an optional transport wheels kit that adds to the machine to make moving the machine even easier.

Throws Real Baseballs

The BATA B-1 Curveball Pitching Machine throws real leather baseballs, dimpled baseballs, and other types of practice baseballs.

Made in the USA

BATA manufactures every part of the machine, from the motor to the legs, here in the USA. BATA assembles their machines in Washington state.

Pitch Height Adjustment

The machine allows you to adjust from pitches up in the zone to low in the zone in a matter of seconds.

Backed by a 10 Year Warranty

BATA stands behind all their products. They know that their machines are durable from top to bottom. Which is why they offer a 10-year warranty with every machine.

B1 Curveball FAQ

Q: What types of pitches is the BATA B-1 able to throw?
A: The B-1 Curveball can throw fastballs, changeups, left-handed curveballs, right-handed curveballs, left-handed sliders, right-handed sliders, sinkers, and more.

Q: What is the difference between breaking pitches from the B-1 Curveball and a two-wheel machine?
A: A two-wheel pitching machine uses both wheels to create the spin on the ball needed for the pitch to break. Typically, one wheel would be set at a much lower speed than the 2nd wheel creating a breaking pitch. The B-1 Curveball uses a compression pad as well as the angle of the machine head to create the spin needed to throw breaking pitches.

Q: What type of balls do you recommend for the pitching machine?
A: There is nothing better than using the real baseballs and softballs. However, it can be costly to run through the real balls. The dimpled balls are nearly indestructible and can take the abuse of being hit repeatedly. My personal opinion is to use the dimpled balls while in the batting cage and the real balls when on the field.

Q: How long does the pitching machine wheel take to recover after each pitch?
A: The wheel recovery is how long the wheel takes to get back up to the original speed you have the machine set at after each pitch. The wheel recovery for this machine is about six seconds.

Q: Can the machine run on a generator?
A: Yes, the machine can run off a 1000W (or greater) generator. It also runs on 110v electric.

Top Accessories

BATA Ball Feeder – The Ball Feeder is a nice add on if you are planning on using the machine for single batting practice. The Ball Feeder allows for the batter to practice on his own or allows the coach to study the batter’s mechanics instead of having to manually feed the machine.

BATA’s ball feeder can hold up to 20 baseballs. The balls feed at 6 second intervals giving the batter enough time to get set before each pitch.

Cordless Remote – The cordless remote is used specifically for the BATA Ball Feeder. The remote can turn the feeder off and on. The player/coach can pause the ball feeder at any time if the batter needs a break or more time in between pitches.

Quick Release Leg Lock Kit – This kit is a must if you are going to be moving your machine on and off the ballfield. The Leg Lock Kit are heavy duty steel levers that you can use to install or remove the legs of the pitching machine in a matter of seconds.

Cover – If you will be leaving your machine outside often, we recommend using a cover to protect your machine from the elements.

Transport Wheels – The transport wheels are two wheels that connect to the top of your pitching machine. If you need to move your pitching machine and want to avoid taking the legs off the pitching machine, the transport wheels kit is for you. The transport wheels allow you to flip the machine over and push the machine using the machine’s legs.

Bata B1 Review

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs


Machine Size

One Wheel

Machine Type

Baseball, Baseball/Softball Combo, Softball

Shipping Type

UPS Ground

Warranty Length

10 Years

1 review for BATA B1 Curveball Pitching Machine

  1. Mike C.

    Use it for batting practice in the cage and on the field. My son struggled to hit breaking pitches before using this machine. The B-1 Curveball has quickly gotten him use to seeing them during games.

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