First Pitch Quarterback Football Machine


  • A great tool for high school, middle school and college football coaches
  • Kicks footballs up to a distance of 80 yards!
  • Throws spirals up to a distance of 80 yards!
  • Set low to the ground and practice punt snaps!
  • Fits both “Official” and “Youth” size footballs.
  • 5 Year Warranty
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First Pitch Quarterback Football Machine

Everyone has heard of the JUGS Football Machine, however, there is now a cheaper alternative! The First Pitch Quarterback Football Machine has all the same features of the JUGS Football Machine and is a fraction of the price. Football coaches around the country are turning to the First Pitch Machine because of its quality and price point.

The First Pitch Football Machine will throw perfect spirals up to 80 yards down the field. This is due to its two 1/3 HP motors. It will also simulate kickoffs and punts. The First Pitch Quarterback Football Machine has it all. It is no wonder why middle school, high school, college and even professional players and coaches are ecstatic about their First Pitch Football Machine.

Reasons to Buy the First Pitch Football Machine

Throws Footballs up to 80 Yards

The machine will throw spirals all over the field. The machine has the power to throw 80 yards down the field. The First Pitch Football Machine is the perfect machine for wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends to work on their hands.

Practice Kickoffs & Punts

Not only will you be able to work on passes with this machine but also kickoffs and punts. The machine angles upwards to mimic the hangtime of a punt or the length of a kickoff. The machine can “kick” the ball up to 80 yards down the field.

Two 1/3 HP Motors

The machine comes with two 1/3 HP Motors. Each motor assigns to each wheel. These powerful motors allow for the machine to have the strength to send the ball 80 yards.

Practice Snaps

The machine can be set low to the ground to practice snaps to a quarterback in the shotgun formation or to punters.

Works with “Youth” & “Official” Size Footballs

The machine is for both “Youth” sized footballs, “Official” sized footballs, and everything in between.

On a Swivel

The machine comes on a swivel. This allows the user to send a pass down the right sideline and switch a pass to the left sideline in a matter of seconds. There is a handle that allows you to direct passes to your desired spot on the field. The swivel also allows for adjustments vertically.

Comes with 2 Slides

One slide is for spiral passed and the other is for kickoffs. The slides are easy to switch out, only take 30 seconds to a minute to transition.

Easy Setup

The football machines come pre-assembled. The only thing you will need to do is attach the legs to the machine. This will only take a couple of minutes. Disassembling the machine is just as simple, allowing the machine to easily transport on and off the field.

Three Height Options

The legs on the machine adjust to three different height options. The taller two options are perfect for passing drills. The lowest option is for punting and kickoff drills.

Great Training Tool

The First Pitch Football Machine allows players to have many repetitions. They can practice short catches, mid-range catches, deep catches, sideline catches, and catches out of the backfield. Punt and kick returners can also practice tracking the ball and making sure they get underneath of each kick.


The machine is made with an all-metal construction. First Pitch builds the machine to withstand the abuse from the game of football.

Powder Coated

The machine is powder coated to prevent rusting.

Made in the USA

First Pitch manufactures all their machines here in the USA. All the parts, including the wheels and motors, come from USA manufacturers.

First Pitch Football Machine FAQ

Q: Why is the First Pitch Football Machine far less expensive than comparable machines?
A: The First Pitch Football Machine has the capabilities of machines that run close to a $1,000 more. The other manufacturers charge you for the brand name. With the First Pitch Machine you are getting all the same functionalities and features for a fraction of the price.
Q: What sized footballs will work with the machine?
A: The machine can use Official Sized Footballs and Youth Footballs. Middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional players use official size footballs.
Q: What is the wheel’s recovery time?
A: It takes the wheels 3-5 seconds to fully recover from the previous pass.
Q: What age group do you recommend for this machine?
A: The Football Machine is great for all ages. Youth football players all the way through NFL players will benefit from practicing from this machine. The machine should only be operated by an adult.
Q: How much does the machine weigh?
A: The machine weighs 125 pounds. We recommend disconnecting the legs to make transporting easier. It will take 1-2 adults to move the machine on and off the field. If you want to be able to move the machine with a single person, the Transporter or Transporter Pro will come in handy. Look at the details below for more information.
Q: Can the machine run on a generator?
A: Yes, the machine can run off a 1500-watt (or greater) generator. It also runs on 120v electric.

Warranty Information

First Pitch offers a 5-year warranty for residential and non-commercial use. The warranty defaults to a 1-year warranty for all commercial use purchases. First Pitch defines commercial use as a batting cage or training facility for hire. First Pitch considers schools and leagues to be non-commercial use, which means they qualify for the 5-year warranty. This warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts against manufacturers defect or premature failure during reasonable normal use.

First Pitch Quarterback Football Machine Video

Additional information

Weight 125 lbs

First Pitch

Machine Type

Football Machine

Shipping Type

UPS Ground

Warranty Length

5 Years

1 review for First Pitch Quarterback Football Machine

  1. Alex

    I decided to save some money and went with the First Pitch Football Machine. The other machines are $500 to $2,000 more. Very pleased with this machine. Main selling point for me was that it came with a motor for each wheel and had the same warranty as the more expensive options.

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