First Pitch XL Pitching Machine


  • Throws Up to 80 MPH!
  • Throws Baseball & Softballs with two loading tubes included
  • Pitches, Ground Balls, and Pop Flies
  • Great for Fielding Drills
  • Five Year Warranty for Residential use and One Year Warranty for Commercial use
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First Pitch XL Pitching Machine

The First Pitch XL Pitching Machine has the speed (80 MPH) of the Original and the fielding capabilities of the Baseline. If you want to practice both hitting and fielding, this is the machine for you! Just like all other First Pitch Machines, it is a fraction of the price of comparable machines.

Instead of overpaying for a particular brand name, check out the First Pitch XL Pitching Machine for a commercial-grade machine that will save you money!

Reasons to Buy the First Pitch XL Pitching Machine

1/3 HP Motor

The First Pitch XL Pitching Machine comes with a 1/3 horsepower motor. The 1/3 HP motor is stronger than many similar priced competing pitching machines.

Throws up to 80 MPH

Thanks to the stronger motor, the First Pitch XL Pitching Machine throws up to 80 MPH. Comparable JUGS Pitching Machines have top speeds of 70 MPH or less (depending on the machine). Throwing up to 80 MPH is important, especially as the player using the machine ages and starts seeing faster pitches in game situations.

Steel Construction

First Pitch builds the machine with steel to ensure longevity. They know that there are comeback line drives that hit the machine. That is why they built the machine with steel, so it can withstand the wear and tear that it will take over the years.

Lightweight Design

First Pitch built the XL Pitching Machine with the user in mind. They recognize that many people using the machine will need to carry the machine on and off the field.

The First Pitch XL Pitching Machine is built from a combination of steel and aluminum. The aluminum keeps the machine light and portable. The XL only weighs 65 pounds. If you take the legs off when transporting, the machine is even lighter.

Commercial Grade Machine

The First Pitch XL Pitching Machine is a commercial grade machine due to its steel/aluminum design and the durability of the wheels. First Pitch offers a 5-year warranty on the machine since it knows that the machine will last for years to come.

Pitches Real Baseballs & Softballs

The First Pitch XL will throw real leather baseballs, 11” softballs, and 12” softballs. The machine can also throw pitching machine balls, dimpled balls, and other practice balls.

Easy to Use Speed Dial

The XL Pitching Machine has a speed dial that goes 0 through 8, representing 0 MPH to 80 MPH. You will place the dial in between numbers to throw a pitch in the middle of the two speeds. For example, if you want to throw a 65 MPH pitch, you place the dial between the six and seven.

Made in the USA

First Pitch manufactures all their machines in the USA. The machines are built by First Pitch in a warehouse in Minnesota. The motor used for each machine is a USA made Leeson Motor.

Comes Standard as Baseball/Softball Combo Machine

Many pitching machines have the option of being a baseball or softball pitching machine, with it being more expensive to be a combo machine. The First Pitch Original comes standard as a combo machine, saving you money.

The legs sit high when used for baseballs, to simulate an overhand pitch. When using the machine for softball, the machine will sit low, simulating an underhand pitch.

Quick Transition between Baseball & Softball

The machine will only take a couple of minutes to transition between use for baseball and softball. You will want to make sure the machine sits hit for baseball and low for softball (to simulate the difference between an underhand and overhand pitch). The second step is switching the chute.

The machine will come with two chutes, one for baseball and one for softballs (11” and 12”). Even though baseballs will fit through the softball chute, you will want to make sure you switch to the baseball chute when using baseballs. This is because there is less room for the ball to “wiggle” when going through the proper chutes.

First Pitch XL Pitching Machine FAQ

Q: What is the difference between the First Pitch Original and the First Pitch XL Pitching Machine?

A: The First Pitch XL Pitching Machine and Original have a lot of similarities. They both come equipped with a 1/3 HP Motor and throw pitches up to 80 MPH. If you are using the machine solely for batting practice, save the money and go with the Original.

The difference between the machines comes when using them for fielding exercises. The XL comes on a 360-degree swivel and has a bigger vertical range of motion allowing for ground balls and pop flies. This is not the case with the Original.

The other difference is the XL only needs one set of legs to use for baseball and softball. When you attach the legs, there are three locations where you can lock in the legs. One is to set the machine high (for baseball), one is to set the machine low (for softball), and one is in between.

The Original does not have this feature. If you are looking to simulate an underhand softball pitch and an overhand baseball pitch you will have to buy two sets of legs.

Q: What are the advantages of the XL over the Baseline?
A: The XL and Baseline are similar machines. They both work well for fielding and hitting. The XL comes with a stronger motor (1/3 HP vs. ¼ HP) and can throw 10 MPH faster (80 MPH vs. 70 MPH).
Q: What type of balls do you recommend for the pitching machine?

A: The First Pitch XL Pitching Machine throws both baseballs and softballs. It will throw real leather baseballs & softballs, dimpled balls, pitching machine balls, and other practice balls.

Q: Can I save time by using the softball chute for baseballs rather than switching the chute out?

A: The XL comes with two different chutes, one for baseball and one for softball. Baseballs will fit in the softball chute; however, we strongly recommend switching to the baseball chute when using the machine for baseball practice. The softball chute is larger meaning there will be a lot of extra space when using a baseball.

This “wiggle” room could cause the pitches to be less accurate. Switching to the baseball chute will ensure the baseball takes the correct path through the machines, providing a more accurate pitch.

Q: How long does the pitching machine wheel take to recover after each pitch?
A: The machine will take 5-8 seconds for the wheel to fully recover to the speed prior to the pitch. The recovery will give the batter enough time to get ready for the next pitch.
Q: Can the machine run on a generator?
A: Yes, the machine can run off a 1000W (or greater) generator. It also runs on 110v electric.

Warranty Information

First Pitch offers a 5-year warranty for residential and non-commercial use. The warranty defaults to a 1-year warranty for all commercial use purchases. First Pitch defines commercial use as a batting cage or training facility for hire.

First Pitch considers schools and leagues to be non-commercial use, which means they qualify for the 5-year warranty. This warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts against manufacturers defect or premature failure during reasonable normal use.

XL Pitching Machine Video

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs

First Pitch

Machine Size

One Wheel

Machine Type

Baseball/Softball Combo

Shipping Type

FedEx Ground, UPS Ground

Warranty Length

5 Years

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  1. Logan

    Solid pitching machine. Paid a little extra because the XL throws 10 MPH harder than the Baseline.

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