Fortress Paceman 245 Baseball Pitching Machines


  • Delivers Speeds of Up to 62mph
  • Perfect for solo practice due to the high-quality 12-ball automatic feeder
  • Easy to move & assemble in no time due to the stable tripod design
  • Durable & Lightweight machine with a heavy-duty DC motor
  • Optional main power connection, SLA battery kit & FORTRESS Pitching Balls

Fortress Paceman 245 Baseball Pitching Machines

Whether you’re looking to improve your batting average or develop your overall game day performance, the Paceman 245 is a well-crafted elite pitching machine designed to successfully enhance a batter’s hand-eye coordination & reflexes. Designed to be easily to set up & manoeuvre, these high-quality pitching machines are an excellent option for perfect the strike of all baseball pitchers.

The pro Paceman features full directional adjustment which eliminates the need to rotate the machine to change pitches. Available optional extras including a standard UK mains supply (220-240V) which is fitted with a UK regulation 3-pin plug, SLA battery kit for up to 2 hours of wireless action, & a 12 pack of Regular FORTRESS Balls. The 245 Cricket Bowling Machine allows players to create the ultimate pitching practice set-up.

Paceman 245 Features

Baseball Training Sessions – The Paceman 245 Pitching Machine is an excellent option for baseball training sessions whether at baseball clubs or at home to improve your skills & technique.

Pitch, Swing & Spin Adjustment – The Paceman machine boasts an incredible range of features, including adjustable pitch, swing & spin, ensuring that your aspiring baseball players can prepare for any delivery.

12 Ball Auto Feeder – The baseball machine features a concave moulded TPR wheel, which can hold up to 12 balls & automatically fire the ball – Perfect for solo training.

62mph Max. Speed – This premium pitching machine has been designed to deliver high velocity pitches with speeds up to 100kph (62mph) to effectively challenge your technique.

Optional Ball Pack – Upgrade to include a pack of 12 regular pitching balls for the ultimate baseball set up.

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