Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machine w/ Ball Feeder


  • Throws Pop-ups, Line Drives, and Grounders
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Pitches Baseballs Up To 52 MPH
  • 12 Ball Automatic Feeder
  • Fully Enclosed Wheel
  • Adjustable Pitch Height
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Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machine

The Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machine is one of the best entry level machines on the market. Heater has done an excellent job in making an affordable yet durable machine that will consistently throw strikes time and time again. 

On top of their already affordable machine, they include a 12 ball capacity automatic feeder. Unlike most brands where you may be paying more for a feeder than the cost of this entire package, the Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machine is an all in one.

If you are searching for a machine for your home batting cage or a little league team, look no further!

Heater Real Specifications

  • Pitches up to 52 MPH – The machine will throw real baseballs up to 52 MPH.
  • Pitches Real Baseballs – The Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machine is designed to pitch real leather baseballs. The machine will also throw dimpled baseballs, leather pitching machine baseballs, and other practice baseballs.
  • Carrying Handle – The machine comes with a carrying handle that makes it easy to move the pitching machine.
  • 1/4 HP Motor – The machine comes with a ¼ HP motor that will keep the machine running for years. The ¼ HP motor allows for the machine to reach speeds of 52 MPH.
    • Pitch Height Adjustment – All you have to do is twist the knob to change where you want the pitch to go vertically. You can have one pitch down in the zone and the next up high.
    • Variable Speed Control Dial – The dial has settings 0 through 10. The dial makes it easy to set the machine at your desired speed. Please take a look below for how each setting correlates to MPH.
    • Durable Rubber Wheel – The Heater machine comes with a rubber wheel that is designed to work well with real leather baseballs.
    • Enclosed Wheel – The wheel of the pitching machine is enclosed by heavy-duty steel housing. The enclosed wheel not only protects the wheel from any damage, but also protects you and your kids from the wheel. Many other pitching machines have the wheel exposed, which could lead to getting your fingers stuck in the wheel while it is moving. Safety is Heater’s top priority. The steel housing will be able to handle line drives hit back at the machine, helping keep the wheel safe for many more practices.
    • Galvanized Steel Legs – The wheel enclosure isn’t the only part of the machine made out of steel. The tripod legs are also built with galvanized steel.
    • Rubber Casings on “Feet” – Rubber casings are included to put on the bottom of each tripod legs, also known as the “feet”. The rubber casings provide more stability for the pitching machine on most surfaces.
    • Runs off AC Power – The machine runs off 110/120V AC Power.
    • Comes with Automatic Ball Feeder – The machine comes standard with an automatic ball feeder. For more details please see the information below.
    • Built-in Machine Harness – The built-in machine harness allows you to pair up the pitching machine with any of Heater’s Batting Cages. The machine will attach to the outside of the batting cage, protecting the machine and the adult feeding the machine.

    Heater Ball Feeder Details

    • Steel Frame Construction – The ball feeder is built with a heavy-duty steel frame construction. This ensures the longevity of the ball feeder, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear.
    • Easy Connection – The ball feeder connects to the ball chute with a quick attachment.
    • Pitches every 9 Seconds – When the ball feeder is turned on it will shoot a pitch every 9 seconds. The ball feeder can be turned off at any point if you are looking to give instruction to the batter.
    • Compact & Lightweight – The feeder is lightweight and easy to transport. It is easy to remove from the machine.
    • Holds 12 Baseballs
    • Solo Batting Practice – The ball feeder allows for ballplayers to practice their skills solo. With the ball feeder you do not need someone to feed the machine. The feeder will do that for you.

    Heater Real Pitching Machine FAQ

    Q: Can you use the machine for fielding exercises?
    A: The Heater Real works great for fielding exercises. It will throw groundballs and pop flies. To throw groundballs or pop flies, simply twist the pitch height adjustment knob to get to your desired setting.

    Q: Does the pitching machine throw softballs?
    A: This pitching machine will not throw softballs. The Heater Softball (softball only) or the Heater Combo (baseballs & softballs) are two options that will work with real leather softballs.

    Q: Is there a pitching machine cover that works with the machine?
    A: Heater does not make their own cover. However, any of the other covers we have available will work with the pitching machine. You can also use a tarp or a BBQ cover to protect your machine.

    Q: Does the pitching machine throw breaking pitches?
    A: This pitching machine is NOT able to throw breaking pitches. The Heater Pro Curve and the Deuce 2 Wheel Pitching Machines are nice alternatives that do throw curveballs, sliders, and other breaking pitches.

    Q: Is there a battery that works with the machine so I can use it on the field?
    A: There is no battery designed to be used with the machine. We recommend using a generator. You will need a 600 watt (or greater) generator to run the machine.

    Heater Speed Control Dials

    • Knob Setting 0 – Machine is turned off, wheel will no longer be spinning.
    • Knob Setting 1 – Wheel will have a light spin. Not enough power to reach home plate.
    • Knob Setting 2 – Speed will be around 18 MPH.
    • Knob Setting 3 – Speed will be around 22 MPH.
    • Knob Setting 4 – Speed will be around 26 MPH.
    • Knob Setting 5 – Speed will be around 30 MPH.
    • Knob Setting 6 – Speed will be around 34 MPH.
    • Knob Setting 7 – Speed will be around 38 MPH.
    • Knob Setting 8 – Speed will be around 42 MPH.
    • Knob Setting 9 – Speed will be around 46 MPH.
    • Knob Setting 10 – Speed will be around 50 MPH. Turn slightly past setting 10 for maximum speed of 52 MPH.

    Guarantee & Warranty

    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • One Year Parts & Labor Warranty
    • We are so sure you’ll see results with your pitching machine that you’ll also receive a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1-Year Parts And Labor Warranty so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to win.

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    Machine Size

    One Wheel

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    Warranty Length

    1 Year

    1 review for Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machine w/ Ball Feeder

    1. Dave

      Decided to pay a little extra for the Heater Real over the Heater Jr. Pitching Machine. It turned out to be a good decision. The ball feeder is the key difference in my opinion and it is heavy duty on this machine. Shoutout to Joe for helping me with my decision.

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