JUGS Small Ball Pitching Machine


  • Lightweight Pitching Machine
  • Simulated Speeds Up to 75 MPH
  • Adjustable Legs that Simulate Realistic Delivery Height
  • Uses polyurethane foam ball that’s half the size of normal baseball
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JUGS Small Ball Pitching Machine

The Jugs Small Ball Pitching machine is perfect for all ages! The Small Ball machine is only 23 pounds, making it easy to transport anywhere. This machine uses its own special balls, that are half the size of a regular baseball or softball. Making batters really hone in on their hitting skills. The polyurethane balls, allows you to use the machine anywhere you would like. You can even use it in your own home!

The machine comes with a 25-ball manual or automatic ball feeder. This allows for players to put some work in even when no one else is around to help them! The Small Ball throws up to 75 mph and throws accurate pitches every time. The machine throws both fastballs and overhand curves. It also comes with adjustable legs so you can line it up to realistic delivery height. Not only is the pitching machine for hitting practice, it also shoots ground balls and fly balls! 

JUGS Small Ball Features


The Small Ball pitching machine is only 23 pounds! Making it one of the most portable pitching machines on the market!

Ball Size

This machine comes with 5 inch, 5 ounce custom balls. This helps baseball and softball players hone in on their hitting technique.

Adjustable Legs

The Small Ball machine comes with adjustable legs, making it easy for players to simulate realistic delivery height.

Speed and Pitches

This machine throws fastballs and overhand curveballs. It also throws up to 75 mph.

Ball Feeder

The ball feeder comes included with the Small Ball pitching machine. It holds up to 25 balls and can be used either manually or automatically.


JUGS offers a 1 year warranty on this machine.

Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 14 × 10 in


Machine Size

Two Wheel

Machine Type

Baseball, Softball

Warranty Length

1 Year

Shipping Type

UPS Ground


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