JUGS Sting-Free Dimpled Softballs


  • 1 Dozen
  • Do not sting batters’ hands when they hit the ball
  • Dimpled design ensures accuracy & consistency
  • Will not dent aluminum bats
  • Exact same size and weight as a regulation softball
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JUGS Sting-Free Dimpled Softballs

Most dimpled softballs are the same. They are all the same weight and size as a regular softball, they come by the dozen, and their durability makes them appealing for use with a pitching machine. JUGS Sting-Free Dimpled Softballs have all the same features, however, they are also sting-free. The core of these JUGS Dimpled Softballs prevents the sting you may feel with other dimpled softballs. This allows the hitter to focus on hitting, rather than on some sore hands.

Dimpled Softballs Specifications

  • Sold by the Dozen – JUGS-Sting Free Dimpled Softballs are sold by the dozen.
  • Sting-Free – JUGS designed these dimpled softballs to not sting the batter’s hands. A softer core prevents stinging. Batters can now focus on their swing mechanics!
  • Accuracy & Consistency – Regular softball’s seams will wear down which could cause inaccuracies with a pitching machine. Dimpled softballs do not wear down as easily as regular softballs and do not have seams, which results in a more consistent and accurate pitch. Also, the dimpled balls are waterproof. Leather softballs can get water-logged, which makes them heavier and less consistent. You will not have this problem with dimpled balls.
  • Will not dent aluminum bats
  • Regulation Size – The JUGS Dimpled Softballs are the same size and weight of a regulation game-use softball. In fact, they feel just like a leather ball when hit.
  • Enhanced Visibility – The balls are an optic yellow color to enhance visibility. 
  • Multiple Sizes Available – Available in both 11-inch and 12-inch game ball sizes. 11-inch softballs are for little league softball players. Older softball players and slow-pitch softball players will use the 12-inch softballs.
  • 1-Year Guarantee – JUGS is confident that their softballs will last a long time. They back this product with a 1-year guarantee. If they do no last a year, they will send out new softballs free of cost.

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