Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine


  • Speed 70+ MPH
  • Vision Complete ball vision provides a realistic sense of timing
  • The ball is gripped in three locations providing tremendous control and accuracy
  • Throwing head pivots instantly in any direction for ground balls, line drives, pop-ups and 250 ft; fly balls
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Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine

Are you looking for a pitching machine that will take your game to the next level? Look no further than the Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine. The Hack Attack Junior is a three-wheel pitching machine that is trusted by middle schools, high schools, and colleges throughout the country. What makes it so popular? It is a major-league quality pitching machine at a fraction of the price of other three-wheel options.

Why Buy the Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine?

Timing & Vision

There are several advantages of a three-wheel pitching machine over two-wheel and single-wheel options. Arguably, the most important advantage is the vision that the hitters receive. With two-wheel pitching machines it is difficult to see exactly when the baseball goes through the chute, which will throw off timing.

Luckily, with the Hack Attack Junior Pitching Machine you will not have this issue. Sports Attack designs all their pitching machines to have a clear vision, giving hitters a live-arm sense of timing and location.

Throw Virtually Any Pitch

The second major advantage to a three-wheel pitching machine is the pitching capabilities. An added third wheel allows for numerous other pitch types. It also provides a more realistic version of a curveball and slider than that of two-wheel machines.


The final advantage of a three-wheel pitching machine is the accuracy. With single-wheel and double-wheel pitching machines, you only have one or two points of contact with the ball, respectively. This pitching machine, with its three-wheel design, grips the ball in three locations as the ball moves through the machine. This allows for a much more controlled, accurate pitch.

Easy Pitch Type Adjustment

Not only does the Junior Hack Attack allow for a variety of extra pitches, but it is also much easier to adjust in between pitches. With 2-wheel pitching machines, you must adjust the head of the machine to switch between fastballs and breaking pitches. With the Junior Hack Attack’s three-wheel design, you no longer have to adjust the head of the machine. You can adjust to any pitch by simply changing the speeds of each wheel.

Quick Elevation Change

A top feature of these machines is the elevation adjustment handle. The elevation adjustment handle allows you to lower or raise the height of the next pitch quickly and efficiently. A simple turn of the handle allows you to adjust the height in between pitches. Sports Attack did a nice job with all their pitching machines to make it as easy for the user to make quick adjustments.

Is the Hack Attack Junior Durable?

The short answer to this question is yes, very. Sports Attack takes pride in their pitching machines, making them some of the most durable machines on the market. The Hack Attack Junior’s durability is on display with their wheels.

It is expensive to replace pitching machine wheels, especially when you have to replace three of them. However, the Junior Hack Attack is built with long-lasting wheels. Sports Attack claims that their pitching machine wheels will outlast all other pitching machines on the market. They have never replaced a wheel due to wear or heat exposure. It is safe to say that Sports Attack is confident in the durability of their wheels.

Sports Attack equips their machines with a high tensile, tough heat-treated alloy, weather-resistant aluminum casting throwing head. This heavy-duty throwing head protects the throwing mechanism. The Junior Hack Attack also has a powder-coated, rust-proof steel frame.

Additionally, the Junior Hack Attack has aluminum wheel guards for each wheel. The wheel guards protect the wheels from comeback line drives and for when the machine is transported. All these features make the Junior Hack Attack one of the most durable pitching machine options available.

Not only do these machines have superior wheels to the competition, but it also comes with three high-powered motors. Each wheel is powered by its own motor.

What is the Difference Between the Junior Hack Attack and the Hack Attack?

Well, the main difference between the two pitching machines is the price. With almost $1,000 price difference, you must wonder “what is the difference in the machine’s capabilities”? Not a whole lot. The only difference between the Junior Hack Attack and the regular Hack Attack (other than the price) is the top-end speed. Top speeds for the these pitching machines max out at 70 MPH, while the Hack Attack’s max speed is 100 MPH.

If the slower speed is not a dealbreaker for you, save the money and go with the Junior Hack Attack!

junior hack performance

Other Top Features

No Recoil

The Junior Hack Attack has a couple features that help it prevent recoil when the machine is throwing at fast speeds. First, it has enough weight to it that helps absorb the recoil. Not too heavy to where you won’t be able to move the machine, but enough to prevent recoil when you dial the machine up to top speeds. Second, the machine has an extra wide tripod base which provides real stability. Both features help absorb the recoil, which provides a more accurate pitch.

Quick Recovery Time

When you hear about the recovery time with a pitching machine, it is referring to the amount of time it takes for the wheels to get back up to full speed after a pitch. The Hack Attack Junior Pitching Machine has a 5 second recovery time! A quick recovery time is due to the three-wheel design and a motor for each wheel.


Sports Attack’s machines come standard with transport wheels. Transport wheels make it easy to move on and off the field without hurting the machine.

junior hack specifications

Junior Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Videos

Additional information

Weight 94 lbs

Sports Attack

Machine Size

Three Wheel

Machine Type


Shipping Type

UPS Freight

Warranty Length

5 Years

3 reviews for Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine

  1. Scott

    Was debating between the Junior Hack model and the Hack Attack Pitching Machine. Decided to save the money and go with the Junior Hack. So far I can’t complain. Machine works great and challenges my 16 year old son.

  2. James

    They were not kidding on the timing aspect of this pitching machine. Night and day better than the single wheel machine we use at the local ballfields. Very pleased with my purchase so far.

  3. Craig

    Excellent pitching machine! Well worth the money.

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