Pitch Pro 465 Pitching Mound


  • 4’ wide X 6’ long X 6” high*
  • Super Light Weight and Portable
  • Includes Replaceable Pitching Rubber
  • Weight: 65 lbs.
  • TEN YEAR (10) warranty on mound core!
(2 customer reviews)

Pitch Pro 465 Pitching Mound

Pitch Pro offers three different 6″ pitching mound options. The Pitch Pro 465 is the least expensive choice of the three. With the only difference between the three pitching mounds is the size, the 465 is the smallest. It is known as stride-off pitching mound. This means that pitchers will land on the dirt or grass in front of the rubber, rather than on the pitching mound.

Why the Pitch Pro 465 Pitching Mound?

Fiberglass Pitching Mound

Pitch Pro does a fantastic job manufacturing their pitching mounds. Every pitching mound they offer has a fiberglass shell core. All the top pitching mound manufacturers are using fiberglass to build their mounds.

Not only does is the shell made of fiberglass, but Pitch Pro also secures their portable mounds with support bars. The support bars provide an extra layer of strength to the core. 

Replaceable Launch Pad

Look at the picture of the 465 Pitching Mound and you will notice that the area in front of the pitching rubber looks different than most other mounds. That is because Pitch Pro builds their game mounds with a replaceable launch pad. The area in front of the pitching mound is subject to the most wear and tear. Pitchers start their stride from this spot, so it is inevitable that it will wear down over time. The launch pad is stronger than the rest of the turf and is easily replaced when needed.

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Stride-off Pitching Mound

The two main disadvantages of the Pitch Pro 465 Pitching are the length and width. Some coaches prefer that the pitcher land on the pitching mound. This is not possible with the 465 Pitching Mound due to the short length.

With that being said, the 465 Pitching Mound has plenty of advantages that offset the disadvantages. Stride-off pitching mounds are much lighter than full-length pitching mounds. If you plan on moving the pitching mound frequently, this is the way to go. The 465 allows you to easily move the portable mound from the field to the shed or another field. That is why many tournament directors rely on stride-off mounds.

How does the 465 Pitching Mound Ship?

Pitch Pro ships the 465 Pitching Mound via LTL Freight. Since the portable mound is fairly light and smaller dimensions than most other options, it does not need to be shipped on a pallet. However, if you buy two or more, they will come on a pallet.

The shipping company will call you before delivery to setup a delivery date and time that works best for you. Please provide a working phone number on your order so the shipping company can contact you correctly.

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 48 × 6 in

Pitch Pro

Turf Color


Shipping Type

LTL Freight

Warranty Length

10 Years

2 reviews for Pitch Pro 465 Pitching Mound

  1. Bob

    Bought the 465 Pitching Mound instead of the bigger 486 or 796 because I needed something small to move around as we have multiple fields. Works great and received it quickly after ordering.

  2. Joe

    Received the Pitching Mound within a week of ordering! Went with the 465 Pitching Mound because it’s affordable and is made with fiberglass.

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