Rawlings 3 Wheel Pitching Machine


  • Throws Any Pitch from Any Angle
  • Speed Range: 40-100 mph Baseball, 36-90 mph Softball
  • Exclusive iPitch® Digital Control Panel for Easy Pitch Setup
  • Weighs 120 lbs – Less Than the Leading 2 Wheel Machine
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Made in USA

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Rawlings 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

Why Buy the Rawlings 3 Wheel Pitching Machine?

iPitch Control Panel

The easiest way to choose pitches on any machine! Rawlings has developed a control panel that makes it easy for anyone to get behind the machine and start throwing pitches.

All you must do is select the Pitch Speed, Spin Direction, and Spin Amount and you are ready to start firing pitches. With the iPitch control panel, you can take out all of the guessing and get right into Batting Practicing.

Throws Any Pitch

With the help of the iPitch Control Panel and the 3 Wheel design, the Rawlings 3-wheel machine throws any pitch imaginable with minimal adjustments to the head. Unlike a 2-wheel machine, the third wheel added an extra contact point making it easy to go from one pitch to the next.

Micro Adjustment Nob

The Rawlings machine also features a micro adjustment nob that makes it extremely easy to dial in pitches. This nob will allow you to get those fastballs and breaking pitches in the exact location you are trying to target. Having the ability to throw pitches with pinpoint accuracy will allows batters to target their weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

High Speed Pitches

The Rawlings machine can throw baseballs up to 100mph and softballs up to 90 mph. This makes it great for all age groups and will allow you to practice hitting pitches at the highest levels. Pitching machines are great for allowing batters to be able to hit pitches at speeds they may not be able to see from their coaches or pitchers during practice.

Easy Assembly

The Rawlings machines ships almost fully assembled. All you must do is attach the legs to the tripod base. The legs have a spring-loaded button that make them easy to clip in and out when you need to assemble and disassemble the machine.

The only other assembly required is the shoot. This easily attaches in minutes and once you put it on, you won’t have to take it off!

Highest Quality Wheels

The Rawlings machine uses a solid 1-inch-thick urethane tread. The reason for using thicker wheels is that it will majorly cut down on the machine’s recovery time. Unlike competitors that use 3/8” wheels, the one-inch wheels put less strain on the motors allowing them to recover almost instantly. This like improve both accuracy and consistency.

Built In Transport Wheels

The built-in transport wheels make it easy to wheel these machines on and off the field. With the transport wheels, you will be able to move the machine without having to take the legs off.

Throws Real Baseballs/Softballs

The Rawlings urethane wheels work great with both dimpled and real balls.

Great For Defensive Drills

Easy move the machine side to side and up and down. You can use this machine for both infield and outfield reps. With the 3 Wheel design you can put different spin on the ball to replicate how players would be seeing balls come off the bat.

Made In the USA

Spinball/Rawlings manufactures all their pitching machines here in the USA!

Backed by a 5 Year Warranty

The machine comes with a 5-year warranty for residential use and a 1-year warranty for commercial use.

Pitching Machine Options

  • Baseball – This option comes with baseball legs that set the release point of the machine at 50”.
  • Softball – The softball option comes with legs that set the release point at 24”.
  • Baseball XL/Cricket – This third option is used for players expecting to face taller competition (high schools, colleges, professionals) and/or cricket. The legs are longer with this option and set the release point at 66”.
  • Baseball/Softball Combo – The fourth option will all the user to use the machine for both baseball and softball. It will come with the shorter softball legs (release point: 24”) and baseball legs (release point: 50”)
  • Baseball XL/Softball Combo – Baseball XL/Softball Combo – This option also allows for both baseball and softball usage. The only difference is this comes with the softball legs (release point: 24”) and the XL baseball legs (release point: 66”)

About the Ball Feeder

The ball feeder for the Rawlings 3 Wheel Pitching Machine is a great option for players looking to practice on their own. The feeder can hold up to 35 baseball or 29 softball.

Unlike most feeders, instead of using a straight tube design, the Rawlings machine uses a turret design to increase the ball capacity. This will save you from having to go and pick up balls after only a 1 or 2 of practice. The feeder also comes with a remote control that will allow you to turn the feeder on and off from home plate or outside the cage.

The feeder also features an open ball ramp that will allow you to watch the ball drop into the machine. This will allow you to get a more realistic timing than you would with most other feeders.

Additional information

Weight 119 lbs


Machine Type

Baseball, Baseball XL Legs, Baseball/Softball Combo, Softball, XL Baseball Legs/Softball Legs

Machine Size

Three Wheel

Shipping Type

FedEx Ground

Warranty Length

5 Years

1 review for Rawlings 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

  1. Brian

    I was sold on the Rawlings 3 Wheel when I saw that you could digitally control the speed, spin direction, and spin amount. This has made throwing accurate breaking pitches much easier than with other machines I have used in the past. Would highly recommend.

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