Spinball 3 Wheel Pitching Machine


  • Throws Any Pitch from Any Angle
  • Speed Range: 40-100 mph Baseball, 36-90 mph Softball
  • Exclusive smart control panel to set pitch speed and spin directly – no charts required!
  • Weighs 120 lbs – Less Than the Leading 2 Wheel Machine
  • 5 Year Warranty
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Spinball 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

Reasons to Buy the Spinball 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

Throws Virtually any Pitch

The Spinball 3 Wheel Pitching Machine comes with a control panel that allows you to set the pitch speed, spin direction, and spin rate. How you set these dials will determine what pitch is thrown from the machine. You will be able to set the machine to throw left-handed and right-handed breaking pitches, fastballs, changeups, and more. You will be able to simulate any pitch imaginable. Look below for more details on how the control panel works.

Increased Accuracy

Three-wheel pitching machines are more accurate than single and two-wheel pitching machines. The third wheel on the pitching machine offers another touch point for the ball to provide an accurate release.

High Quality Wheels

The machines come with three high-quality wheels. Spinball manufactures their pitching machine wheels with a urethane thread and are a full 1” thick. This thread is much thicker in comparison to many of the competitor’s wheels. The thickness of the wheel decreases the shock load after each pitch, allowing the machines to recover back to normal within three seconds.

The thick urethane thread will ultimately allow for greater pitch accuracy than that that of a thinner thread. Not only does the thicker thread help with accuracy and recovery of the wheels, but it also will help the longevity of each wheel.

Easy Vertical/Horizontal Adjustments

The machine comes with two hand wheels. The top hand wheel controls the vertical aim, and the bottom hand wheel controls the horizontal aim. The wheel mechanism is a unique feature that allows for easy adjustments. You will be able to pitch one pitch low and away and the next high and inside.

Quick Assembly/Change from Baseball to Softball

The machine comes mostly pre-assembled. There are only two steps to get the machine ready for use. You will have to put the legs in the sockets on the tripod base. The legs have spring loaded buttons that pop up when properly put into place. The other step is to install the ball feed ramp/chute. This step is quick and will only take you about a minute.

If you purchased a combo baseball & softball machine, converting the machine from baseball to softball (or vice versa) is simple. You will just need to exchange the baseball legs for the shorter softball legs and change out the baseball chute for the softball chute. You will also have to adjust the wheels, so they spread out a little further to accommodate the bigger softballs.

Lightweight Design

The Spinball 3 Wheel Pitching Machine weighs only 120 pounds! 120 pounds is less than some of the two-wheel pitching machines. The lightweight design makes the machine more portable when carrying on and off the field.

Built in Transport Wheels

Speaking about portability, the Spinball Machine comes with built-in transport wheels. The transport wheels allow you to transport the wheels without having to disassemble the legs from the machine. Simply turn the machine on its side and steer using the legs.

Throws Real Baseballs/Softballs

The Spinball 3 Wheel Pitching Machine can throw real leather baseballs and/or softballs (depending on which option you choose). It also capable of throwing dimpled balls, pitching machine baseballs, and other practice balls.

Made In the USA

The Spinball 3 Wheel is manufactured in the U.S. All parts are from U.S. suppliers including the wheels and motor.

Backed by a 5 Year Warranty

The machine comes with a 5-year warranty for residential use and a 1-year warranty for commercial use.

Control Panel

Each Spinball 3 Wheel Pitching Machine comes equipped with a control panel. The control panel has three different inputs that automatically adjust the individual wheels to throw the pitch at your desired speed and spin.

Pitch Speed Dial – The first dial controls the pitch speed. The dial has options to throw the pitch anywhere from 0 to 100 MPH. Since softballs are heavier than baseballs, the pitch speed will be approximately 10% less than the speed at which you set the dial. For example, if you are looking to throw a 90 MPH pitch with a softball, you must set the machine to 100 MPH.

Spin Direction – The spin direction is where you determine which pitch you want to throw. You can simulate left and right-handed pitches based on where you place the spin direction. Please see the chart for more details on where to place this dial for each pitch.

Spin Rate – The spin rate dial determines the amount of break you want to put on the ball. You will need to set the spin direction first to determine the pitch you want to throw, then adjust the spin rate to create more or less break on the pitch. The lowest spin rate setting is 0 RPM. This will create a knuckleball or split finger fastball pitch. 1200-1800 is considered a low amount of spin and will produce minimal break on the ball.

Even four seam fastballs have a bit of break, when trying to throw a 4-seam fastball the spin rate should be set within the 1200-1800 range. 1800-2200 RPM is considered medium spin. The spin/break that this range will create is what you would see out of the average high school pitcher. 2400+ RPM is considered a high spin rate and will create spin seen from professional pitchers.

Pitching Machine Options

  • Baseball – This option comes with baseball legs that set the release point of the machine at 50”.
  • Softball – The softball option comes with legs that set the release point at 24”.
  • Baseball XL/Cricket – This third option is used for players expecting to face taller competition (high schools, colleges, professionals) and/or cricket. The legs are longer with this option and set the release point at 66”.
  • Baseball/Softball Combo – The fourth option will all the user to use the machine for both baseball and softball. It will come with the shorter softball legs (release point: 24”) and baseball legs (release point: 50”)
  • Baseball XL/Softball Combo – Baseball XL/Softball Combo – This option also allows for both baseball and softball usage. The only difference is this comes with the softball legs (release point: 24”) and the XL baseball legs (release point: 66”)

About the Ball Feeder

The Rawlings ball feeder is a great option for players looking to practice on their own. The feeder can hold up to 35 baseball or 29 softball. Unlike most feeders, instead of using a straight tube design, the Rawlings machine uses a turret design to increase the ball capacity. This will save you from having to go and pick up balls after only a 1 or 2 of practice. The feeder also comes with a remote control that will allow you to turn the feeder on and off from home plate or outside the cage.

The feeder also features an open ball ramp that will allow you to watch the ball drop into the machine. This will allow you to get a more realistic timing than you would with most other feeders.

Spinball 3 Wheel FAQ

Q: What is the difference between the Spinball 3 Wheel and the Rawlings 3 Wheel?
A: Both machines come with a control panel where you can control the speed, direction, and spin of each pitch, however, the Rawlings 3 Wheel Machine’s control panel is digital.

Q: What type of balls does the pitching machine throw?
A: The three-wheel pitching machine is designed to pitch real leather baseballs & softballs, depending on the pitching machine option you choose. The machine is also able to throw dimpled balls, practice balls, and pitching machine training balls. Rawlings has their own Pitching Machine Baseball that is designed for use with pitching machines. They come with a full grain leather cover and Kevlar seams that will make them last significantly longer than a regular baseball.

Q: How long does the pitching machine wheel take to recover after each pitch?
A: The wheel takes three seconds to get back to the speed pre-pitch. Most pitching machines in the industry take 6+ seconds for their wheels to recover after each pitch.

Q: Can you use the pitching machine for fielding exercises?
A: Yes, the machine can throw ground balls, pop-ups, and fly balls. The machine has a full adjustment range so it can spread pitches throughout the field.

Q: Can the machine run on a generator?
A: Yes, the machine can run off a 1000-watt (or greater) generator. It also runs on 110v electric.

Additional information

Weight 120 lbs


Machine Size

Three Wheel

Machine Type

Baseball, Baseball XL Legs, Baseball/Softball Combo, Softball, XL Baseball Legs/Softball Legs

Shipping Type

UPS Ground

Warranty Length

5 Years

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  1. John

    Truly a great machine! It is the most accurate pitching machine that I have used in my many years of coaching.

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