Spinball Wizard Two Wheel Pitching Machine


  • Throws Any Pitch from Any Angle
  • Top Speed: 105mph Baseball, 88mph Softball
  • Super Portable – Weighs Just 59 lbs
  • Adjustable Wheel Gap for Optimal Accuracy with Any Type of Ball
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Made in USA
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Spinball Wizard Two Wheel Pitching Machine

The Spinball Wizard Two Wheel Pitching Machine is the most affordable two-wheel machine! Do not let the price fool you, the Spinball Wizard is a top-grade pitching machine that has the same capabilities of machines priced $1,000 more. If you are in the market for a machine to help up your game, this is the machine for you.

Reasons to Buy the Spinball Wizard 2 Wheel Pitching Machine

High Quality Wheels

The Spinball Pitching Machine comes equipped with two wheels that have a urethane tread and are full 1” thick. Most other pitching machines in the industry have wheels whose tread is only 3/8” thick. The extra thickness on the wheel’s tread decreases the shock load the wheels receive after delivering a pitch. The decreased shock load allows the wheels to recover and be ready for the next pitch nearly instantaneously. The 1” thick tread allows for a greater lifespan for each wheel.

Pinpoint Accuracy

The wheels on this machine allow you to pinpoint exactly where you want the next pitch sent.

Throw Virtually any Pitch

Through adjusting the speed of each wheel and changing the angle of the pitching machine head you can simulate virtually any pitch. Curveballs, sliders, fastballs, changeups, knuckleballs, etc. As you get used to using the pitching machine you will know how to set the machine to get the spin and break you want with each pitch.

Easy Adjustments

The machine comes standard with a ball and socket adjustment mechanism. This mechanism allows you to set all three axes at the same time. You will be able to set the machine horizontally, vertically, and twist the head of the machine for more spin.

Independent Speed Control

The speed of each wheel is controlled independently from one another. The speed of each wheel shows on the control box. Being able to set the speed of each wheel will allow you to set the pitch speed and how much you want the pitch to break when throwing curveballs, sliders, and other breaking pitches.

Lightweight Design

When you start getting into the pitching machines that have two or three wheels, they can get heavy. Luckily, the Spinball Wizard has a lightweight design that makes it easy for the user move on and off the field. The machine only weighs 59 pounds. Some of the two-wheel machines that have bulky tires can weigh between 100 and 150 pounds. If you will be moving the machine regularly the Spinball Wizard will save your lower back!

Throws Real Baseballs

The Spinball 2 Wheel Machine can throw real leather baseballs, dimpled baseballs, and other types of practice baseballs.

Made in the USA

Spinball manufactures all their pitching machines in the USA.

Backed by a 5 Year Warranty

The Spinball 2 Wheel Pitching Machine comes with a 5-year warranty for residential use & a 1-year warranty for commercial use.

Pitching Machine Options

  • Baseball – This option comes with baseball legs that set the release point of the machine at 50”.
  • Softball – The softball option comes with legs that set the release point at 24”.
  • Baseball XL/Cricket – This third option is used for players expecting to face taller competition (high schools, colleges, professionals) and/or cricket. The legs are longer with this option and set the release point at 66”.
  • Baseball/Softball Combo – The fourth option will all the user to use the machine for both baseball and softball. It will come with the shorter softball legs (release point: 24”) and baseball legs (release point: 50”)
  • Baseball XL/Softball Combo – Baseball XL/Softball Combo – This option also allows for both baseball and softball usage. The only difference is this comes with the softball legs (release point: 24”) and the XL baseball legs (release point: 66”)

About the Ball Feeder

The ball feeder is a great option for players looking to use the machine for individual batting practice. If you do not have a helper that can feeder the machine for you, the ball feeder allows you to go to the backyard or the ballfield and practice on your own. The ball feeder comes in five different options that correlate to the different pitching machine options above. The feeder holds up to 35 baseballs and 29 softballs. The feeder shoots out pitches ever seven seconds. However, the machine does come with a remote that you can use to pause and start the feeder. This allows you to take a break or a coach to provide instruction before the next pitch. The ball feeder comes with a 2-year warranty.

Spinball 2 Wheel FAQ

Q: How do you set up the machine to throw different pitches?
A: Set the wheels at different speeds to create the spin on the ball. You can create greater spins on the ball by having a greater difference in the speed of the wheels. The ball will spin away from the faster wheel. You can change the position and curve of the pitch by rotating the machine. If both wheels are set at the same speed, the ball will have no spin creating a knuckleball pitch.

Q: Is there something to use to help figure out how to throw each type of pitch?
A: The machine will come with a chart that will tell you what speed to set the wheels to throw each type of pitch.

Q: What is the difference between the Spinball 2 Wheel and the Rawlings 2 Wheel?
A: The main difference between the two machines is fielding capabilities. The Rawlings 2 Wheel is great for defensive drills. The machine swivels in any direction, which allows you to shoot the ball all over the field. The Spinball 2 Wheel can throw groundballs and fly balls; however, it does not have the same swivel capabilities as the Rawlings machine.

Q: What type of balls does the pitching machine throw?
A: The machine can pitch real baseballs/softballs (depending on which machine option you choose), dimpled balls, practice balls, and pitching machine training balls. We have a few different ball options available with the machine. The Rawlings Pitching Machine Baseballs are perfect for pitching machine usage. They come with a full grain leather cover and Kevlar seams that will make them last significantly longer than a regular baseball. We also offer dimpled baseballs & softballs.

Q: How long does the pitching machine wheel take to recover after each pitch?
A: The wheel recovery is how long the wheel takes to get back up to the original speed you have the machine set at after each pitch. The wheel recovery for this machine is 3 seconds. The Spinball Machine’s wheels have thicker wheel treads than its competitors, providing a much quicker recovery time than most machines.

Q: Can the machine run on a generator?
A: Yes, the machine can run off an 800-watt (or greater) generator. It also runs on 110v electric.

Additional information

Weight 59 lbs


Machine Type

Baseball, Baseball XL Legs, Baseball/Softball Combo, Softball, XL Baseball Legs/Softball Legs

Machine Size

Two Wheel

Shipping Type

FedEx Ground

Warranty Length

5 Years

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  1. Joe

    Was in need of a two-wheel machine for our school. After a lot of research, the Spinball Wizard Pitching Machine seemed to be the way to go. Great price and a commercial grade machine.

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