Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machine


  • B.E.S.T. System – Biomechanically Efficient Stringing Technology delivers world class ergonomic features
  • Weight: 124 Pounds
  • Included assembly tools: all necessary Hex keys
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Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machine

Designed with a laser focus on best-in-class ergonomics to accommodate the demanding needs of professional stringers, the Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machine pairs a clean, sleek look with a number of features that revolutionize comfort and convenience during the stringing process. Biomechanically Efficient Stringing Technology features three separate motors to create optimal angles for different phases of the stringing process, reducing the need to bend and twist.

These tilt and height positions are determined by formulas based on the user’s height, but can be customized and recalled for up to six different users through a multilingual touch screen display. Machine also features a six-point mounting system with 360-degree rotation, and a self-guiding tension head that requires just one motion to lock the string and pull tension with the flick of a finger.

Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machine Specs

  • B.E.S.T. System – Biomechanically Efficient Stringing Technology delivers world class ergonomic features
  • Weighs 124 lbs when assembled
  • Height at maximum extension: 52″; Height at minimum extension: 41″; Width: 41″
  • Angled stand (7 degrees) creates more room for user’s feet underneath the machine
  • Customization settings recall preferences for up to 6 specific users when mounting, installing the mains, and installing the crosses
  • Multilingual touch screen display permits user to set differential percentage between mains and crosses
  • Six-point mounting system with 360-degree rotation and turntable speed control option
  • Tensioning system includes multiple pull speeds, a tension head activator that is easy to trigger, and the ability to manually adjust the calibration if necessary
  • Included assembly tools: all necessary Hex keys
  • Included stringing tools; diamond dusted starter clamp, needle nose pliers, cutter, awl

Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machine Review

Additional information

Weight 124 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 41 in


Warranty Length

5 Years


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