Zooka ZS720 Pitching Machine


  • Adjustable from 10-50 mph
  • Throws Real Baseballs, Dimple Balls, Safety Balls, & Tennis Balls
  • Digital Speed Readout
  • Battery Powered For True Portability.
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Zooka ZS720 Pitching Machine Features

The Zooka ZS720 Pitching Machine is everything you want in a pitching machine. Adjustable, customizable, and built to be used! This machine comes fully equipped, including an internal battery giving you a full charge in no more than 10 hours. As well as, over 500 pitches per charge, and it will last you up to 6 years of battery life. 

The Zooka ZS720 takes only 1 minute of set up time and no tools are necessary! With a range of terrains this machine can handle, it is as durable as it gets! Let’s get into what you want to know, speed.  An adjustable speed ranging from 10 to 50 miles per hour! Including a digital speed readout giving you precision and quality pitches. The ZS720 also throws both fastballs and changeups, allowing young batters to practice hitting different pitches.

This machine gives you a variety of ball options as well. From throwing fast pitch baseballs to a serve of a tennis ball, this machine has got it all! A machine that gives you options, whether you’re interested in it’s shorter tripod of 24 inches or it’s taller option of 43 inches.

Zooka ZS720 Features

Battery- This machine has 4-6 years of battery life and a charge in under 10 hours, giving you at least 500 pitches per charge. Includes a battery charger for portable power, and an additional external connector for an optional additional battery. 

Speed- The Zooka ZS720 Pitching Machine has a an adjustable speed ranging from 10-50 miles per hour. As well as a digital readout feature.

Assembly- With a set up in under a minute, this machine requires no tools and can be assembled on grass, dirt, or asphalt surfaces.

Weight- This machine only weighs 30 pounds, making for a convenient portable pitching machine. 

Warranty- Zooka offers a 1 year warranty for this pitching machine. 

Balls- This machine is compatible with real baseballs, dimple balls, safety balls, and tennis balls. 

Pitch Types- Whether you’re interested in the tall 43 inch or short 23 inch tripod this machine throws fastballs, and computer controlled changeups with a pitch distance of 20-65 feet.

Construction- Built to last, this machine has a 1/8 Thick Steel Chassis, a high impact polycarbonate outer housing, and high-strength aluminum external battery. 

Zooka Safety Features

Safety Features:
  • Password protected
  • Pitch alert beeper and LED
  • Battery powered
  • Throws tennis balls and soft-core safety balls
  • No generator, no gasoline
  • No power cords
  • Temperature 10 to 120 degrees F operating/ -40 to 130 F storage
  • Humidity 0 – 100% non-condensing

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 36 in
Machine Size

One Wheel

Machine Type





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