Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine


  • Adjustable from 10-70 mph
  • Throws Real Baseballs, Dimple Balls, Safety Balls, & Tennis Balls
  • Digital Speed Readout
  • Battery Powered For True Portability
  • Over 500 Pitches Per Charge
  • Complete with Internal Battery, Charger, and Tripod
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Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine

The Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine is truly built to be portable. This machine only weighs 38 pounds and is battery operated. Making it super easy to move and use anywhere! The Zooka ZS740 throws from 10 to 70 mph. It can also throw both fastballs and changeups. It can use real baseballs, dimple balls, safety balls and tennis balls. It also comes with a digital speed readout, letting you know how fast the pitch is coming in at.

When fully charged, the Zooka can throw at least 500 pitches out of it. This machine can throw 20-65 feet. The machine also comes in both a short and tall tripod, so choose which one depending on the age group you will be pitching too. The short tripod has a release point of 24 inches and the tall tripod has a release point of 43 inches.

Zooka ZS740 Features

Weight- The ZS740 weighs only 38 pounds, making it the ultimate portable pitching machine!
Velocity- Throws anywhere from 10 mph to 70 mph which is perfect for ages up to 15 years old.
Battery Powered- The Zooka ZS740 pitching machine is battery operated, giving you at least 500 pitches per charge! Battery has an expected life span of 4 to 6 years.
Package- This machine comes complete with internal battery, charger and a tripod.

Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine Technical Specifications

Battery And Charger: The Zooka ZS740 can throw roughly 500 pitches at 70 mph, 700 pitches at 50 mph and 800 pitches at 40 mph on a single charge! It only takes 10 hours for the battery to fully charge. There also is another connector, if you would like to use an additional battery.

Easy Setup: It only takes one minute to set up this machine and there are no tools needed! You can adjust the elevation from 2 to 80 degrees.

Pitch Types: The ZS740 throws both fastball and changeups.

Compact Size: The ZS740 Machine Length is only 36 Inches in size.

Safety Features

Safety Features:
  • Password protected
  • Pitch alert beeper and LED
  • Battery powered
  • Throws tennis balls and soft-core safety balls
  • No generator, no gasoline
  • No power cords
  • Temperature 10 to 120 degrees F operating/ -40 to 130 F storage
  • Humidity 0 – 100% non-condensing

Zooka ZS740 Video Review

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 36 in


Machine Size

One Wheel

Machine Type


Shipping Type

UPS Ground


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